Bump Art

Capture a creative and unique memory of your pregnancy!

How many of you remember that iconic photo of Demi Moore on the front cover of Vanity Fair magazine back in 1991? A beautiful moment of her pregnancy captured in print for ever.

This was a photo I held in my mind for 7 months of my pregnancy back in 2003 hoping that I might be able to attain a similar memory of my special time. How disappointed was I to find that my precious “compact, little” bump, that I lovingly massaged with Bio Oil daily, read stories to and sang to, grew into the most enormous mound imaginable and the rest of my body seemed to follow suit! There was no way any amount of ‘photoshopping’ would produce the image I had dreamed of!!

If only “bump art” had been around back then!

Let me introduce you to our “Bump Art Experience” for ladies in their later stages of pregnancy.

The experience lasts between 1 and 2 hours and involves painting unique designs on the tummies of lovely yummy mummys-to-be! Designs range from flourishing flowers and magical unicorns to blue bulls (long story!) and even red noses for Comic Relief. Mums-to-be can sit in comfort and take some well deserved relaxation time whilst our artists get to work on the masterpiece! Once finished, high quality, relaxed photographs will be taken which will be sent on to you either by email or on disk for you to share with your friends and family and, of course, your child in years to come.

All paints and materials used are formulated for use on the skin and are water based and are easily removed using soap and water.

Bump art enables all of us, whatever shape or size, to celebrate our pregnancies by embellishing the beautiful bump that is growing in front of us and capture our own unique memory of a truly special time in our lives.

In 2011 we appeared on the BBC for Comic Relief painting bumps for Red Nose Day. As part of a UK wide team, we raised nearly £8,000 for this worthy cause and had a lot of fun in the process!

More photos can be found in our gallery. Drop us an email or use our online enquiry form if you’d like to find out more.

Gift vouchers are available and make an ideal Baby Shower gift!